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        Qingdao MKW microwave applied technology co., ltd has been the innovation leader in the microwave industry since June 2004. The company has been focus on the microwave technology used in both industrial and scientific research. Within the last ten years, Qingdao MKW widely grew with complete range of equipment including all the followings:

        MKX-H1C1 lab microwave oven
        MKX-H1C1 use microwave energy for heating. With optical fiber, infrared thermometer for temperature measurement, magnetic stirrer, condenser, and the atmosphere and other conditions, you can quickly achieve microwave synthesis, catalysis, dissolving, concentrated to dryness and other functions.

         MKX series/MKZ series Microwave High Temperature Oven
         The product works by microwave dielectric heating with high-quality insulation material that can be processed quickly to heat the material. The maximum heating temperature is 1600 ℃ and the fastest heating rate> 10 ℃ / s. These series product are suitable for microwave heated to high temperatures, sintering, high-temperature synthesis, pyrolysis, atmosphere heating and other fields

         MKG series of microwave pipe oven
         The product is heated by microwave also combined with the pipe heating. It has 1200 ℃ and 1600 ℃ two temperatures specifications, especially for vacuum, the atmosphere, the pressure and other environmental conditions. The microwave is for high-temperature pyrolysis, sintering and other fields.

         MKC Series Microwave Thermal gravimetric analysis oven
        Rapid heating by using microwave technology, and with high precision weighing system, you can dynamically observe the mass of the object changes with temperature and time to study the thermal stability and composition. The equipment is used in plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, materials and other fields of research, development and testing.

   MKX-R Series Microwave ashing Oven
        Microwave ashing is very fast. Dehydration, pyrolysis carbonization, combustion ash can be completed within a process. MKW can provide both 50ml ash small product samples, and 10L large volume of ash products. Later one can be used in trace elements such as ashing radionuclide testing.

        MKX-X series digestion equipment. 
         Each time, the equipment can do 4 to 10 cans of 100ml sample digestion, extraction. The equipment is good to use in food, environmental, biological and other areas in the analysis of experimental sample pretreatment.

         MKX-16A microwave pyrolysis incinerator
         This equipment is used for hazardous solid waste incineration of pyrolysis, a maximum capacity of 66L each run. It can complete the carbonation ashing process very fast with volume reduction ratio up to 40:1. The maximum processing temperature is 900 ℃. This equipment is especially for small quantities of hazardous waste terminal for on-site rapid processing.

MHX-R6A Laboratory (Trial type) Microwave incinerator


This microwave incinerator is a typical microwave test station with advantages, such as rapid heating speed, high efficiency,and can make machined material in well consistency,without consuming coal,natural gas and no fire. It could provide a closed environment in the process of incinerating(mainly organic material),especially in the following areas:

Field of environmental protection:
This kind of machine adopt the closed microwave heating technology.The material can be pyrolyzed and incinerated,achieving the volume reduction purposes.

Field of researching and teaching:
The product can be incinerated in the terminal, reducing the storage and transport pressure, particularly generating dangerous goods in the key step,such as highly toxic contaminants of the chemical compound and harmful biological contaminants in the field of bio-pharmaceuticals.

Field of health:
The product features correspond HJ / T 229-2005 "microwave disinfection centralized medical waste treatment project technical specifications" .Microwave processing functions involved, namely microwave and auxiliary steam function, and kill harmful bacteria from dangerous creatures , making hazardous waste garbage into ordinary garbage and easily recycling.

Field of quarantine and livestock:
viral and bacterial contaminants source of infection will be caused in the terminal processing.

Technical specification:
1, supply conditions: 380V/50Hz, equipment supply> 15kVA
2, microwave power: 8kW
3, burning containers: round quartz cell, φ280 X 200mm, rated maximum volume 10L,
4, incineration temperature: Conventional 500 ~ 800 ℃, short-term up to
1000 ℃
5, Incineration capacity:
According to the thermal expansion coefficient of different materials and the request of the volume reduction ratio ( fresh ash ratio) ,the experiment is usually recommended that the amount of 2kg, maximum 5kg.
6, closed system:
(1)The device adopts a vacuum cabinet design, sealed in the whole incineration process with no fire, safety and reliability
(2)Incineration use a quartz container sealed the end cap,and connect out-gas system, forming a closed loop flow.
7 purification system:
(1)Set the airflow precipitation systems to clean the dust
(2)Set the triple filtration system to purify the exhaust gas
(3)Set the stereo condenser system to purify the produced fluids
(4)Set exhaust gas purification system and correspond the GB18484-2001 "hazardous waste incineration pollution control standards."
8, airflow system:
(1)Set the vacuum system to enhance the environment system of before pyrolysis carbonization conditions
(2)Set the airflow system adapt to a variety of air environment,such as air,protective gas (gas source separate configuration), water vapor (gas source separate configuration )...etc.
(3)Set the exhaust system, excluding the exhaust gas, and work with the intake system to control the incineration process
9, control system:
(1) a PLC intelligent control and the operation program via touch screen control, with a perfect man-machine interface
(2)The dynamic control system can monitor the parameters of burning process, including temperature, pressure, power and other parameters.
(3)This system can collect data and display each parameter curve (optional) on a dynamic computer screen
10. device configuration:
(1)the host device used for microwave incineration, external dimensions: 1000×900×1850mm
(2)auxiliary systems and workstations, including condensation, purification, atmosphere and other functional units, external dimensions: 1600×1000 ×1000mm (reference size depend on future different product features may vary slightly)
11, on-site facilities:
(1)the demineralized water for the internal condensing system operation
(2)the independent ventilation hood (vent pipe) for the excluding the exhaust
(3)the drains for the water discharge in the prior evaporation of the high moisture material

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